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  • Thanks for the move.

    I am here to learn, share and connect more.

    • Awsome ! I hope you'll get to have insightful conversations.

  • As I'm newly hired as a communication officer here at VOVA's (yay), I thought it would be a good thing to introduce myself.

    I'm Loris, I'm 24 and I just graduated in language sciences. I'm very passionate about music, linguistics, photography and gender studies.

    I've been a volunteer at VOVA's for a little more than a year. This experience has given me a lot professionally AND personally speaking. I am now about to face big challenges, which honestly is scary, but also very motivating and I'm just very glad to have the opportunity to participate in VOVA's projects

    Hoping for the best!

    See you all very soon

    • "Welcome Loris! VOVA has grown in a dynamic and sustainable way with your intellectual and artistic contributions over this past year! I am very excited about this new phase -- our members, research associates, and language learners can expect new challenges and surprises with your input! Let's do this!"

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